Digitax ST-E (EtherCAT)
     1.7 A – 8.0 A rms (5.1 A – 24 V Peak)
     200-240 V | 380-480 V
     Digitax ST EtherCAT Servo Drive - high performance features easily accessible over any industrial EtherCAT network.
     The servo drive offers cyclic and non-cyclic communication with less than 1μs jitter on network synchronization and guarantees optimum performance for demanding, high-axis-count, motion applications.
Enhance machine performance through easy integration with any motion controller
Integrated high resolution analog input and encoder output
Predefined digital I/O for controller connection
Integrated high speed freeze input
Digital servo networks (EtherCAT, SERCOS and CANopen) available via option module
Tailor the drive to a variety of application requirements
On-board encoder input supports Incremental, SinCos, Hiperface, EnDAT and SSI encoders
Two option slots for functionality expansion via a full range of option modules
Operate with any automation product via EtherCAT
Operate with motion controllers, motion PLCs and Industrial PCs via built-in EtherCAT
Dual 100Mbps EtherCAT interfaces for use in line topologies
Non-cyclic data communication using the CoE mailbox
Flexibility for all applications achieved through full access to drive functions
CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) including:
DS-402 profile
Cyclic sync position mode
Interpolated position mode
Velocity mode
Profile torque mode
SDO access to all profile objects and drive parameters
Reduced downtime with machine safety

Integrated safe torque off