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Digitax HD M751 plus MCi210 Machine Control

Intelligent drive for decentralized motion applications

Digitax HD M751 plus the MCi210 Machine Control module is an intelligent servo drive for decentralized motion applications. 

Maximum servo performance in a minimum size package 

The new servo drive is offering complete standalone machine control capability, removing the need for an external controller - a single drive with MCi210 can control multiple axes. With its 40 mm width and with the option bracket of only 22 mm, the new intelligent servo drive provides a competitive maximum width of 62 mm.

  • Features
    Maximum performance
    • 300% peak current performance pulse-duty overload
    • Optimized control loops for high dynamic performance
    • Up to 16 kHz switching frequency (default ratings specified at 8 kHz)
    • Supports a wide range of feedback technologies including Quadrature, SinCos (including absolute), SSI, BiSS, EnDat (up to 4 Mb with EnDat 2.2) and resolvers
    • Maximum performance package with high torque density, low inertia Unimotor hd servo motors
    • Faster throughput due to position loop @ 250 μs and use of Real Time Motion over Ethernet (RTMoE)
    • Single drive with MCi210 can control multiple axes using RTMoE
    • Synchronized peer-to-peer communication over Ethernet
    • MCi modules execute comprehensive programs that can control multiple drives and motors simultaneously across real-time networks
    • Performance is optimized by having a motion controller embedded in each networked drive
    • Protocol as defined by IEEE1588 V2High speed network synchronisation of less than 1 μs jitter
    • Parallel interface with drive processor provides faster data exchange

    Minimum size
    • 40 mm drive width and option bracket adds 22 mm, providing a highly competitive maximum drive width of 62 mm
    • MCi210 Machine Control module for complete standalone capability, removing the need for an external controller
    • Reduce cabinet height by directly stacking rows of drives. Patented Ultraflow™ technology expels heat directly outside of the cabinet through the rear of the drive (drive heat dissipation can also be achieved via vents on the top of the drive, as standard).
    • Fits into cabinets just 200 mm deep
    Easy installation and setup
    • DIN rail alignment
    • Kits for easy multi-axis installation
    • Single motor cable and electronic motor name plate for fast set up
    • Seamless motor-drive pairing with Unimotor hd servo motors
    • Easy access pluggable connectors
    • Rapid commissioning with the Unidrive M Connect PC tool and SD cards
    • Machine Control Studio provides a flexible and intuitive environment for programming automation and motion control features
      • Programmable with IEC61131 standard languages

    • Two Ethernet ports with an internal switch
    • Built-in RS485 communications
    • Extends connectivity with 3 x digital inputs, 1 x digital output and 1 x digital I/O
    • Modbus TCP/IP master (up to 5 nodes)
    • Machine control over two segregated Ethernet networks enables greater flexibility in machine design

    Safety on-board
    • Reduced downtime with machine safety
      - Integrated dual safe torque off
      - Meets SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) and PLe (Performance Level e)